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Bobby Lashley on Brock’s Knock-Knock Jokes. Plus, Sam Roberts Shares Royal Rumble Picks.

The crew also discuss ‘WWE 2K22’ and GCW

The All Mighty Bobby Lashley joins Evan, Flobo, and Jack on this week’s episode of MackMania ahead of his WWE Championship match with Brock Lesnar (6:02). He shares his thoughts on Brock’s “knock-knock” jokes, what a win this Saturday would mean, the Hurt Business, and more. Plus, Sam Roberts joins the guys to discuss WWE 2K22, GCW, and his Royal Rumble predictions (36:10).

Hosts: Evan Mack, Flobo Boyce, and Jack Farmer
Guests: Bobby Lashley and Sam Roberts
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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