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Too Many “This Is Awesome” Chants, Bron Breakker Being the Next Big Thing, and Wrestling’s Forbidden Door

Evan, Flobo, Jack, and Brian discuss whether wrestling fans chant “this is awesome” too much before sharing their thoughts on the future of NXT champion Bron Breakker


Are wrestling fans chanting “this is awesome” too much? Evan, Flobo, Jack, and Brian share their thoughts (01:57). Plus, Jack introduces a new segment called Where Vince McMahon Was Right, starting with NXT 2.0 and Bron Breakker and what they mean for the future of the WWE (21:28). And as Mickie James enters the WWE Royal Rumble as the Impact Knockouts Champion, Evan discusses whether we should be excited about opening wrestling’s “forbidden door” (39:41).

Hosts: Evan Mack, Flobo Boyce, Jack Farmer
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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