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Can Ben Simmons Be Saved From Philly? With Bill Simmons, Plus Booger McFarland Talks CFB Week 1

Plus, Booger tells some stories from his LSU days

Ryen is joined by Bill Simmons to break down the messy situation between the 76ers and Ben Simmons and why it’ll be hard to find a solution to their pending breakup (0:35). Then, he chats with ESPN college football analyst Booger McFarland about some vulnerable teams at the top of the rankings, his Week 1 predictions, and some stories from his LSU days (35:25). Finally, Ryen answers some listener-submitted Life Advice questions (1:03:15).

Host: Ryen Russillo
Guests: Bill Simmons and Booger McFarland
Producers: Kyle Crichton and Steve Ceruti

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