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One Small Step for Mankind. Two Giant Jumps for JuVaughn Harrison.

No man has represented Team USA in both high jump and long jump since 1912—until now

Athletics - Olympics: Day 7 Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

No man has represented Team USA in both the high jump and the long jump since Jim Thorpe in 1912. But that’s exactly what JuVaughn Harrison will do in Tokyo. He’s not only defying a century of Olympic convention—he’s making it seem routine.

Host: Rodger Sherman
Guest: JuVaughn Harrison
Associate Producers: Erika Cervantes, Lani Renaldo
Additional Production Supervision: Ben Glicksman, Noah Malale, Arjuna Ramgopal
Fact Checker: Daniel Chin
Talent Booker: Allyson Turner

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