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Team USA Is Playing for Softball Gold. It’s Also Playing for Softball’s Olympic Future.

How did softball get back into the Summer Games? Will it return in 2024?

Athletes Unlimited Softball Final Weekend
Haylie McCleney
Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Softball is back at the Olympics for the first time since 2008! And the United States is favored to win! But the players aren’t just competing for a medal. They’re vying for the sport’s future at the Summer Games.

Host: Rodger Sherman
Guest: Haylie McCleney
Associate Producers: Erika Cervantes, Lani Renaldo
Additional Production Supervision: Ben Glicksman, Noah Malale, Arjuna Ramgopal
Fact Checker: Kellen Becoats
Talent Booker: Allyson Turner

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