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The Bucks’ Adjustments, Kawhi Leonard Speculation, and Late First-Round Sleepers

Chris and Kevin analyze how Milwaukee managed to tie the series, discuss Clippers rumors, and make NBA Draft predictions

KOC and Verno start by discussing the adjustments the Bucks have made to tie the series (1:25). Then they discuss why they think Giannis doesn’t appear to get the same hype from his peers that other players get (23:30). Then they talk about Kawhi Leonard’s future with Clippers after his knee injury and rumored unhappy experience with the Clippers medical staff (42:18). They wrap up by talking about a couple of potential late first-round prospects in Ayo Dosunmu and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl (49:10).

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Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Production Assistant: Isaiah Blakely

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