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Introducing ‘The Ringer Guide to the Summer Games’

The Olympics are the biggest, strangest, and most fascinating sporting event on earth. The Ringer breaks it all down in our newest podcast.

Ringer illustration

What makes Simone Biles the greatest gymnast of all time? Why is Katie Ledecky set to dominate like never before? Who’s chasing history as a two-sport athlete? And how did skateboarding get into the Olympics? In this daily podcast series premiering July 19, we’ll talk to future medalists and answer your top questions about the Tokyo games. The Olympics are the biggest, weirdest, and most exciting sporting event on Earth—let us show you why.

Host: Rodger Sherman
Associate Producers: Lani Renaldo and Erika Cervantes
Additional Production Supervision: Ben Glicksman, Noah Malale, Arjuna Ramgopal

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