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Appreciating Kanye West’s Unskippable ‘Graduation’

Kanye West’s third studio album features stadium-anthem classics and homages to Jay-Z and Chicago. Jinx and Shea break it all down on ‘No Skips.’

Kanye West Signs Copies Of “Graduation” Photo by Trish Tokar/Getty Images

On this week’s episode, Jinx and Shea give praise to Kanye West’s third studio album, Graduation. In it, they discuss Ye’s attempt to make stadium-anthem classics with songs like “I Wonder” and “Flashing Lights.” They also talk about how he paid homage to his mentor Jay-Z on “Big Brother” as well as his beloved hometown of Chicago with “Homecoming.” Later, Jinx and Shea debate who had the Best Guest Verse between Lil Wayne, DJ Premier, and T-Pain; and how stutter shades, Japan, Hurricane Katrina, and more relate back to this unskippable album. As always, stick around to hear the heated courtroom debate in Deena’s Court, and find out who gets to select the featured song at the end of the episode.

Hosts: Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins and Shea Serrano
Producer: Deena Morrison
Production Assistant: Jonathan Kermah
Additional Production Support: Tunde St. Matthew-Daniel

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