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The Bulls’ and Kings’ Win-Now Moves Ultimately Amount to Losses. Plus: Jrue Holiday Is the Bucks’ Defensive Key, the Celtics Are Back on Form, and LaMarcus Aldridge Retires.

Plus, Verno and KOC discuss the failed win-now moves in Chicago and Sacramento, and a whole lot more

Verno and KOC start off this Friday talking about the Bucks continuing their run in the second half of the season and how Jrue Holiday could be the piece that allows them to compete with the two other top teams in the East (0:30). Then they discuss a league report that says the injury rate is actually down 6 percent this season, contrary to popular belief, but doesn’t address how who is getting injured has affected the quality of the product (8:17). After that they get into news from around league over the past couple of days, including Steph Curry going on an unbelievable eight-game tear (19:34), the Celtics continuing their hot streak by whooping the Lakers (22:30), and Deandre Ayton’s big game against the Kings (31:15). Then they lament the failed win-now moves made by the Chicago Bulls and Sacramento Kings that have ultimately amounted to a bunch of losses and, potentially, uncertainty in their star players’ minds that those organizations will ever be stable enough to win (37:33). Finally, they touch on Luka Doncic’s magical game-winning shot against the Grizzlies (53:00) and LaMarcus Aldridge’s retirement (58:20).