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Steve Kerr on Why He Traded Raja Bell, Coaching the Warriors Dynasty, and Much More

Plus, discussing LeBron’s and LaMelo’s injuries, and the Mad Hooper @DragonflyJonez explains why he’s so mad

Indiana Pacers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

First things first, Logan and Raja are joined by the Mad Hooper @DragonflyJonez, who tells them why he’s so mad (0:18). After that, Logan and Raja touch on the two injuries that rocked the NBA over the weekend, LaMelo Ball’s fractured wrist and LeBron James’s high ankle sprain (2:30), before giving their final thoughts on Bridgerton (11:15). Then head coach of the Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr joins Logan and Raja to talk about why he traded Raja Bell from the Phoenix Suns (17:23), coaching the Warriors dynasty (25:53), James Wiseman (36:26), Klay Thompson’s recovery (1:01:48), and so much more

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell
Guests: Steve Kerr and @DragonflyJonez

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