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How the Suns Got Better and Four Young NBA Teams Close to Finals Contention

KOC is joined by Mike Vigil and Sam Cooper from ‘The Timeline: A Phoenix Suns Podcast’ to discuss the rise of the Suns franchise

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to The Void! Kevin O’Connor brings you deep inside the NBA with the people who know it best. In this episode, KOC is joined by Mike Vigil and Sam Cooper from The Timeline: A Phoenix Suns Podcast to discuss the rise of the Suns franchise. They discuss how Chris Paul completely changed his style of play (03:06) and the improvement of Deandre Ayton (09:17). KOC is all aboard the Payne train, as they discuss the perfect bench pairing of Cameron Payne and JaVale McGee (13:46) before diving into Mikal Bridges‘s route to DPOY (15:35). They point to Devin Booker’s efficiency as a reason for his overall improvement (24:16). The guys look around the association to see which teams are a few moves away from contending. KOC makes a bold statement about Cavs rookie Evan Mobley, but Sam believes he could be on to something (32:25). Also, they discuss how James Harden could benefit from taking more midrange jumpers (45:40). Lastly, they debate what, if any, moves the Suns can make down the stretch (52:32).

Host: Kevin O’Connor
Guests: Mike Vigil and Sam Cooper
Producers: Jessie Lopez and Dylan Berkey

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