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Which Franchise Will Finally Get Over the Hump?

KOC brings on coach and creator of The Basketball Playbook Gibson Pyper to discuss why the Celtics, Jazz, Trail Blazers, and Clippers can’t win an NBA championship

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Welcome to The Void, where Kevin O’Connor brings you deep inside the NBA with the people who know it best. KOC brings on Gibson Pyper, basketball coach and owner/creator of The Basketball Playbook and YouTube channel Half Court Hoops. Gibson joins KOC to take a look at four NBA franchises that can’t get over the hump to reach a championship. The first team they look at is the Boston Celtics; they discuss the team’s lost identity (04:02) and debate whether Jaylen Brown should be the one taking that last shot instead of Jayson Tatum (08:00). They next look over the Utah Jazz and discuss the franchise’s inability to get creative with Rudy Gobert (14:05). Then they take a long look at the Portland Trail Blazers and debate what moves, if any, they can make (24:26). They last discuss the fading Los Angeles Clippers (38:21), before Gibson shares why he loves to coach (44:58).

Host: Kevin O’Connor
Guests: Gibson Pyper
Producers: Jessie Lopez

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