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An SGG Intervention, Thanksgiving Spreads, and Sean Ross Sapp on Monday Night’s Mayhem

Rosenberg, SGG, Dip, and Sean also talk about some of the latest WWE news

Green Plate Special: Spatchcocked turkey Staff photo by Ben McCanna/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

It’s an extra-long episode of Cheap Heat to help you survive the Thanksgiving commute with grandma. On today’s show, Rosenberg, SGG, and Dip welcome Sean Ross Sapp of to talk about some of the latest WWE news. Then, the guys recap last weekend’s Survivor Series and Rosenberg’s legendary outfit from the evening, which eventually leads to a turkey vs. chicken debate and a phone call to Rosenberg’s better half about their Thanksgiving spread. And of course, a mailbag (1:06:34), and Rosenberg and Dip try to get SGG to embrace AEW. Enjoy yourselves. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg, Stat Guy Greg, Diperstein
Producer: Troy Farkas

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