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Arsène Wenger on the New Film ‘Invincible’

Wrighty, Musa, and Ryan share their thoughts on the documentary

“Arsene Wenger: Invincible” - UK Premiere - VIP Arrivals Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

To mark the release of the Arsène Wenger: Invincible movie, Ian is joined by Musa Okwonga and Ryan Hunn to talk about Gabriel Clarke and Christian Jeanpierre’s film, Wenger as a manager, and his legacy (01:00). Then, they’re joined by Arsène himself, recorded before the world premier in London (31:57). He talks about music, life, some managerial gems, and what he’s watching currently. Find out where to watch the film here.

Host: Ian Wright
Guests: Arsène Wenger and Musa Okwonga
Producers: Ryan Hunn and Roscoe Bowman
Associate Producer: Erika Cervantes

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