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Steph As MVP?, Impact Player Tyrese Maxey, and Final Contenders

The hosts wrap things up with some thoughts on Arena

Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Lauren Bacho/NBAE via Getty Images

Verno and KOC discuss Steph’s performance this season as he’s averaging 42 percent from the 3-point line and has gained support for MVP (1:09). Then, they touch on the 76ers, from the up-and-coming Tyrese Maxey to another advancement in the Ben Simmons saga as Daryl Morey states there are 30 players he would trade Simmons for (11:16). Then they talk about league executives potentially forming an association (27:12), and weigh in on potential Finals contenders (39:56). Then they wrap things up with Zion Williamson and Klay Thompson updates, and Arena thoughts.

Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Associate Producer: Erika Cervantes