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Brooklyn Beckham’s Cooking, and Grimes’s ‘Communist Manifesto’ Photo Shoot

Plus, Drew Barrymore’s Hy-Vee commercial and an edition of Cringe Mode featuring ‘Scream’

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For some reason, Brooklyn Beckham made an appearance on The Today Show to make a breakfast sandwich (1:05). Grimes made sure to get photographed while reading the The Communist Manifesto following her split from billionaire Elon Musk (14:36). To kick off spooky season, this week’s Cringe Mode is Scream (25:56), and was Drew Barrymore green-screened into a Hy-Vee commercial (46:34)?

Hosts: Liz Kelly, Kate Halliwell, and Amelia Wedemeyer
Producer: Kaya McMullen

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