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A Tribe Called Quest: ‘The Low End Theory’

On this week’s episode, Jinx and Shea discuss ‘The Low End Theory’ by the Queens-bred quartet A Tribe Called Quest

5th Annual Billboard R&B Hip-Hop Awards - Arrivals Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

On this week’s episode, Jinx and Shea discuss The Low End Theory by the Queens-bred quartet A Tribe Called Quest. They tap into the masterful lyricism and innovative production displayed on tracks like “Excursions,” “Check the Rhime,” “Everything Is Fair,” and “Scenario.” Next, hear who stole the show during Best Guest Verse. And later, find out how positivity, good oral hygiene, opening beats, and believing in your friends solidified this album as one of the greatest of all time. As always, stick around to hear the heated courtroom debate in Deena’s Court and find out who gets to select the featured song at the end of the episode.

Hosts: Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins and Shea Serrano
Producer: Deena Morrison
Production Assistant: Jonathan Kermah
Additional Production Supervision: Tunde St. Matthew-Daniel

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