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A Deep Dive Into the Playoff Race. Plus: Ryan Ruocco on the Yankees’ Strange Season and RIP, Tom Seaver.

Plus, the Good, the Bad, and the Uggla

Tom Seaver

It’s almost time to get down to brass tacks in the MLB playoff races. We run through all eight teams currently in position to make the playoffs in each league, and then discuss the chances they’ll stay there vs. who might bounce them out of their spot (1:11). Then, R2C2 cohost and ESPN/SNY broadcaster Ryan Ruocco joins the show to home in on Yankees, a team riddled with injuries that is slightly underperforming its massive 2020 expectations (26:02). Finally, we hit the Good, the Bad, and the Uggla before we remember Tom Seaver, the greatest Met of all time, and perhaps the greatest pitcher of all time, as well (1:00:45).

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