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Let’s Talk ‘Tenet’

Spoilers for ‘Tenet’ start at 1:14:45. Until then, Sean and Amanda are talking about the changes to the Academy Awards, the state of the box office, and more.

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Christopher Nolan’s 11th feature film, Tenet, has opened in theaters around the world and we are going to talk about it. But first, we dive into the big changes in Academy Awards eligibility; Wonder Woman 1984 changing release dates and the perilous nature of the American box office; and the state of the virtual film festival (1:18). Then, Sean and Amanda deep dive into Tenet, their viewing experience, and the confusing/compelling nature of the film (56:42). Finally, Sean is joined by Antonio Campos, the writer-director of the new Netflix film The Devil All the Time, to chat about his work (1:56:14).

Spoilers for Tenet start at 1:14:45.

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