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What If? Coutinho Doesn’t Leave Liverpool, Leverkusen Win the Treble in 2002, and Terry Doesn’t Slip in 2008

Musa and Ryan host a bonus episode looking at various hypotheticals

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Final - Manchester United v Chelsea - Luzhniki Stadium Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC Via Getty Images

In this bonus episode, Musa and Ryan take a trip through multiple alternate footballing universes with their first “what if?” episode since joining Ringer FC. They speculate what happens to Liverpool if Coutinho doesn’t leave for Barcelona in 2017 (03:10), the FA doesn’t ban women’s football in the 1920s (10:55), John Terry doesn’t slip in the Champions League final penalty shootout of 2008 (17:57), Bayer Leverkusen win the treble in 2002 (29:26), and a certain group of players declare for Brazil over other nations (42:39). Plus, there’s a cameo that may please ‘Star Wars’ fans (21:44) and some more wholesome Jupp Heynckes chat (48:45).

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