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Will MLB Really Cancel the 2020 Season? Plus: Renel Brooks-Moon on Her Incredible Career and Activism in Baseball

Ben Lindbergh joins to discuss the likelihood of MLB playing this summer before the Giants PA announcer talks about her journey into baseball media and more

Renel Brooks-Moon, the Oakland-born radio disc jockey, works as the PA announcer for the San Francisco Giants during their Friday night May 20, 2011 game against the Oakland Athletics at AT&T Park in San Francisco, Calif. (Karl Mondon/Staff) Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

The baseball news cycle is as confusing as it is frustrating—we bring on Ben Lindbergh to parse all the facts that you need to know about the likelihood of MLB playing this summer (2:13). Then, Giants PA announcer Renel Brooks-Moon joins to talk about her journey into baseball media, how this player activism movement compares to others she’s seen and participated in, and how the baseball world can better address its race and gender inequities (26:31).

Hosts: Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman
Guest: Ben Lindbergh and Renel Brooks-Moon

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