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Game 1 of the 2000 World Series: Mets vs. Yankees. Plus: Al Leiter

Rewatching a Subway World Series and chatting with the Game 1 starter about whether he felt pressure, watching old baseball games during quarantine, and more

World Series - New York Yankees v New York Mets - Game Five

Cousin Sal, the Parlay Kid, and Brother Bri rewatch the first game of the 2000 World Series between the Mets and the Yankees (02:00), hand out awards (25:00), and debate the best plan for baseball in 2020 (32:30). Then the Mets’ starting pitcher from Game 1, Al Leiter, calls in to discuss the pressure felt during the game (38:00), whether he’d go into the Hall of Fame as a Met or Yankee if he were inducted (58:15), watching old baseball during quarantine (01:16:15), and more.

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