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Movie Theaters Are Closed. When They Reopen, Will the Movies Follow?

Sean and Amanda discuss the closing of movie theaters across the country in response to the coronavirus and where the film industry goes from here

Precautions For Preventing Spread Of Novel Coronavirus Photo by Sunil Ghosh/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

With virtually every major new release pushed back and the box office recording a record low over the weekend, movie theaters have shuttered around the country to battle the coronavirus. And some studios are starting to make their movies widely available on streaming services and VOD platforms. Sean and Amanda talk about the brave new world of movies, what these radical changes could portend for releases both big and small, and whether the industry will ever be able to turn back to the old way of doing things. They also make some streaming recommendations for the self-quarantined and pick the one 2020 release they’d like to have in their homes right now.

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