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Mina Raiola Wants to Get Paul Pogba Out Of Manchester United, but at What Cost?

Plus, Trent Alexander-Arnold on playing in front of fans, and why taking a knee is still important

RB Leipzig v Manchester United: Group H - UEFA Champions League Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Ian is joined by Stadio’s Ryan Hunn and The Athletic’s Carl Anka to discuss Paul Pogba’s current situation and agents’ role in football following Mino Raiola’s interview about the French World Cup winner wanting to leave Manchester United (1:06). They also talk supersubs, give flowers to Jermain Defoe (15:05) and Son Heung-min, and commend Spurs’ continued improvement (24:54). They also discuss Trent Alexander-Arnold’s recent comments about playing at Anfield and the importance of fans (40:54), reflect on Millwall fans booing players taking a knee and why the gesture remains important (56:12), and wrap up with some chat from the Barclays WSL (59:48).

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