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Nick Wright on James Harden, the Clippers, MVP Picks, and More

Plus, Verno reports back from his first live, in-person basketball game since March

San Antonio Spurs v Houston Rockets Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

After Verno attends his first live basketball game in person since March, the boys get into the Grizzlies-Hawks game (0:47) and the Twitter kerfuffle last night about Ben Simmons potentially being available in a trade for James Harden (6:50). Then Nick Wright of First Things First joins Verno and KOC to talk about how he got into the industry (20:19), the Harden situation (42:22), the Clippers’ demise (50:43), the best teams in the Western Conference (57:46), and the bets he’s put down for the 2020-21 season (1:22:58).

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