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What Does the Tony La Russa Hire Really Mean? Plus: Rhea Butcher’s Dodgers Victory Lap and Frankenstein Draft Review.

Jake and Jordan discuss the on- and off-field impact of La Russa’s hiring

Tony La Russa — 76-year-old Hall of Famer — named White Sox manager Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

We go further in depth on what Tony La Russa’s hiring will actually mean on and off the field for the 2021 Chicago White Sox, including how he even got hired in the first place (1:06). Then, comedian and ‘Three Swings’ host Rhea Butcher joins to rehash their guarantee (on Baseball BBQ) that the Dodgers would win the World Series (25:15). Finally, Sarah Langs of and Stephen Nelson of MLB Network return to the pod to review the Frankenstein teams they drafted on the podcast before the playoffs started (55:30), and we close with the first METSCON of the Steve Cohen era (1:27:00).

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