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‘The Mismatch’: Reassessing Brandon Ingram’s Ceiling, Talking Zion’s Return, and Examining the Depth of Denver

Chris and Kevin discuss Ingram’s epic 49-point game to defeat Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz

Utah Jazz v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

After Brandon Ingram scored 49 points to outduel Donovan Mitchell, we wonder whether it’s realistic to think he’s already better than Ben Simmons and on a path to be in the class of Anthony Davis (1:34). Then, we discuss Zion Williamson’s imminent return and what it could mean for night-to-night interest in the league (13:00). Finally, we close with some thoughts on how Denver has set itself up with a deep roster, and how this year’s NBA draft is shaping up to be a real stinker (29:10).

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