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Oscar Bait Reborn: ‘Hustlers’ Cashes In, ‘The Goldfinch’ Flops Hard, and ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Hops Into the Best Picture Race

Sean and Amanda break down the post-festival discourse

Fox Searchlight Pictures

After winning the Audience Award at TIFF, Jojo Rabbit is likely to follow in the footsteps of past winners like Green Book and Three Billboards, straight to the Oscars. Sean and Amanda break down its chances and the post-festival discourse (0:51) before examining the box office success of Hustlers and the failure of The Goldfinch to reassess what we talk about when we talk about “Oscar Bait” (9:55). Then, documentary filmmaker Matt Tyrnauer joins to discuss his latest, Where’s My Roy Cohn?, a close look at the controversial lawyer and political operator who brokered power for everyone from Joseph McCarthy to Donald Trump (62:31).

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