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Revisiting Bennifer 1.0 and Tabloids at the Turn of the Century

The premiere episode of ‘Ringer Dish,’ our newest podcast, looks back at the couple that ushered in the celebrity couple portmanteau

Getty Images/Ringer illustration

Fifteen years ago, Bennifer was a new concept. It was not a reference to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and it was not one of a multitude of celebrity couples referred to by a single portmanteau. In the summer of 2002, Bennifer referred to the steaming hot couple that was Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Neither Gigli nor Jersey Girl had debuted that summer, and J.Lo was not yet divorced, but the A-list couple was the hottest topic for both Us Weekly and People magazine.

In the inaugural episode of Ringer Dish, our new celebrity culture-focused podcast, Amanda Dobbins and Juliet Litman from Jam Session and Amelia Wedemeyer from Tea Time (both of which can now be found on this podcast feed) look back at the tabloid coverage of the two, how their careers have evolved, and how the celebrity magazine has changed since. This is the kind of historical deep dive you can expect from Ringer Dish on Mondays, as well as close examinations of celebrity families, urgent pop culture developments, and much more.

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