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‘Book of Basketball 2.0’: Spurs-OKC 2012 and KD’s Almost-Dynasty (BoB Rewatchables With Joe House)

Revisiting the 2012 Western Conference finals

San Antonio Spurs v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Six Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Chapter 4b: Up 2-0 in the Western Finals and riding a 20-game winning streak, the seemingly invincible Spurs are demolished by Kevin Durant and a Thunder team that peaked at the perfect time. How did the series flip? Was this the best-played and most-loaded series of the decade? Was this OKC’s Apex Mountain? Why was the last minute of Game 6 so emotional? Were the 2012-14 Spurs historically underrated? And how the hell could OKC ever trade James Harden after Game 5? Bill breaks it all down with The Ringer’s Joe House.

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