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A ‘Joker’ Deep Dive (SPOILERS)

Plus, writer-director Noah Hawley discusses his feature film debut, ‘Lucy in the Sky’ 

Warner Bros. Pictures

Todd Phillips’s Joker, a gritty homage to ’70s films like Taxi Driver, has become one of the year’s most anticipated and controversial movies. Sean and Jason Concepcion explore the long history of the Batman supervillain, in comic books and on screen (1:30). Then they take a close look at the new Joaquin Phoenix–starring movie, its societal ramifications, and what it means for the superhero movie genre at large (41:20). Finally, Sean is joined by writer-director Noah Hawley to discuss his feature film debut, Lucy in the Sky (75:18).

Host: Sean Fennessey
Guests: Jason Concepcion and Noah Hawley

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