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The Rocky Mountain Top of the Rankings, Duke-Virginia Thoughts, and Cutting It Up With Brad Davison

“Buzzcut” Brad Davison joins Titus and Tate to discuss Big Ten basketball, charges, and more

Savannah State v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Mark Titus and Tate Frazier talk about all the guys, covering UNC–Virginia Tech, Texas-Oklahoma, Kansas–West Virginia, Duke-Virginia, Kentucky-Auburn, and a new mystery (5:50). Then the guys call up the man himself, “Buzzcut” Brad Davison of the Wisconsin Badgers mens basketball team. They talk changes, gator chomps, Big Ten basketball, and more (49:50). Finally the guys give some shoutouts to Tennessee, Dank Dakich, the FBI, Jon Diebler, and more (1:17:50).

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