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A Procession of Legends, and the Greatest and Most Disappointing Night in Wrestling

The return of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Miz beating Roman Reigns, and the best/worst things that happened ‘Raw 25’

David Shoemaker teams up with Bleacher Report’s Dave Schilling to break down the 25th anniversary of Raw (01:00), complaints from the people in each venue (04:30), the Undertaker’s vague promo (10:00), the DX reunion (12:45), Vince McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s segment (18:00), the glaring misuse of Bruce Prichard (23:30), and the Miz defeating Roman Reigns for the IC title (27:00). Then, they analyze some Royal Rumble gambling odds (34:15) before giving their predictions (49:30).

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