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Great LaVar Ball of Fire

David Shoemaker and Dave Schilling of 'Bleacher Report' are joined by “The Silverlake Heartthrob” Steve Kazee to discuss LaVar Ball's appearance on 'Raw'

2017 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Ringer’s David Shoemaker and Bleacher Report's Dave Schilling are joined by "The Silverlake Heartthrob" Steve Kazee to discuss LaVar Ball's appearance on Raw (04:45), Samoa Joe choking out Brock Lesnar (14:15), Finn Balor and the Hardys (20:00), Braun throwing Roman at an ambulance (20:45), the gauntlet match (24:30), the Money in the Bank rematch (28:30), and the return of the "Punjabi Prison Match" (35:00). Then, Tony Schiavone of "What Happened When" joins the show to discuss the most surprising moment during his announcing days in WCW (40:00), the value of the world title today (44:30), how podcasting has changed his life (48:00), what he learned working under Bruce Prichard (57:00), whether the NWA/WCW gets enough respect on the WWE Network (01:06:00), and more!