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Making Mo-cap Magic, and Going Inside an Esports Team

Plus: A look at a ‘Dota 2’ documentary

Ben Lindbergh and Jason Concepcion talk to stuntwomen and voice actors Maggie Macdonald and America Young about their work in video games including Halo 5, the Dead Space, Uncharted, and Saints Row series, and the newly released Agents of Mayhem, as well as how working in video games compares to big-budget movies, the advancement of video-game motion-capture technology, the most challenging stunts they've had to perform, and fighting while looking like Lara Croft (1:30). Then Ben and Jason bring on Kyle "Beef" Bautista, general manager of compLexity Gaming, to discuss his team's involvement in a new TBS Dota 2 documentary, attempting to qualify for The International 2017, the economics of esports, managing interpersonal issues and turnover on team rosters, and the future of esports statistical analysis, coaching, and corporate partnerships (55:30).