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‘Heat Check’ — Silver Medalists, the Draymond Green Award, and LeBron vs. New York

The Stifle Tower goes down and the Bledsoe Bucks get heat-checked

Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Juliet Litman and John Gonzalez deliberate on which team is the league’s second best (0:17), analyze the implications of the Rudy Gobert injury for the Utah Jazz (10:08), and debate the most essential players for each team (13:36). Then they play “Real or Not Real?” with LeBron James’s comments about Dennis Smith Jr. (17:06), Lonzo Ball’s apathy toward his triple-double (19:43), and Rick Carlisle’s apparent dislike of Nerlens Noel (21:33). After that, they heat-check Jordan Clarkson and the new-look Milwaukee Bucks (24:14) before they run through the most intriguing games of the week (28:27).

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