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The Blow It Out (or Up) NBA Season Preview With Kevin O’Connor

O’Connor and Chris Vernon break down the LaMarcus Aldridge extension, the Houston Rockets experiment, OKC’s superteam, and more

Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony Getty Images

The Ringers Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor bang out a far-reaching NBA regular-season preview. Topics include: LaMarcus Aldridge’s extension (4:00), McCollum missing the opener (14:00), the Houston Rockets experiment (17:00), the OKC superteam (24:00), the unpredictable T’Wolves (33:00), Nurkic’s inspired play (43:00), the Pistons’ improvement (49:00), IT’s belief in Boston’s regret (53:00), the Coach of the Year contenders (1:00:00), and the potential first coach fired this season (1:05:00).

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