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'NBA 2K' Player Ratings and the Rise and Fall of 'Backyard Baseball'

Mike Stauffer of Visual Concepts joins to discuss how he develops player ratings in ‘2K,’ and Zach Kram breaks down his article on the 20th anniversary of ‘Backyard Baseball’

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The Ringer's Ben Lindbergh and Jason Concepcion talk about Ben's video game bachelor party, how GoldenEye 007 has aged, and ultra-precise esports competitors (1:45). Then they bring on Mike Stauffer of NBA 2K developer Visual Concepts to ask how he manages rosters and develops player ratings for the game, how he incorporates (or ignores) feedback from NBA players and fans, and how advanced stats have made the ratings more sophisticated (8:50). Lastly, they welcome Ringer colleague Zach Kram to discuss his retrospective article on the 20th anniversary of the cult classic Backyard Baseball series and the games' development and decline (31:58).

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