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‘NBA Desktop’: Kyrie Irving Is Ruining the Brooklyn Nets

Plus CNBC’s Downtown Josh Brown on Spencer Dinwiddie’s financial offering and Kevin Clark on Markelle Fultz

Welcome to the NBA Desktop! This week, Jason Concepcion breaks down Kyrie Irving’s immense shade toward about half of the players on his team. Also, Kyrie’s teammate Spencer Dinwiddie is digitally tokenizing his contract, and CNBC contributor Downtown Josh Brown calls in to help make sense of Dinwiddie’s complicated financial scheme. Then, Jason breaks down the New York Knicks’ controversial scratch-off halftime contest prize, and whether it sucks or not. Plus, “Can You Rip an NBA Jersey?” Rondae Hollis-Jefferson has some questions, the Milwaukee Bucks’ mascot-beating ritual, and spice from The Ringer’s Kevin Clark on the recent success of the Orlando Magic’s Markelle Fultz.