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The Lakers and Warriors Won the Offseason, but What About Everyone Else?

Chris Ryan, Kevin O’Connor, and Danny Chau break down the winners and losers of the NBA offseason to date

Chris Ryan, Kevin O’Connor, and Danny Chau go through all 30 NBA teams to decide whether or not their respective offseasons were a win or a loss, starting with the Lakers’ blockbuster signing of LeBron James and the effect it has on the Pacific Division (0:23). They explain why the 76ers are in a tough spot within the revamped Atlantic Division (5:53) while pinpointing the drama in Minnesota as a strong reason for chaos in the Northwest (13:00). The group discusses the Bulls and their new young talent (20:02), the Rockets defense’s heavy losses, the ripple effects to the Southwest Division (24:38), and the promising future of the lengthy Orlando Magic (30:07).