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Belichick’s Gone, NFL Coach Roulette, an NBA All-Star Snapshot, and Million-Dollar Picks for Wild-Card Weekend

In a two-part podcast, Bill is joined by Michael Lombardi, Peter Schrager, and Joe House

Belichick and Patriots Part Ways After 24 Years Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

In the first part of a two-part podcast, The Ringer’s Bill Simmons talks with Michael Lombardi about Bill Belichick’s 24-year tenure with the Patriots, New England’s long road ahead, why people should be thinking outside the box for Belichick’s next team, and more (1:59). Then Bill is joined by Peter Schrager of Fox Sports and NFL Network to run through Bill’s NFL Playoff Gambling Manifesto (50:38), before previewing each game for wild-card weekend (1:18:12) and discussing the upcoming NFL coaching carousel (2:00:12).

Host: Bill Simmons
Guests: Michael Lombardi and Peter Schrager
Producer: Kyle Crichton

In the second part of a two-part podcast, Bill is joined by Joe House to discuss NBA blowouts, showcasing more exciting teams nationally, preliminary All-Star ballots, the sad Wizards, the greatest candy bars, and more (2:00). Then, Bill makes the Million-Dollar Picks for NFL wild-card weekend (44:39). Finally, in honor of Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots parting ways, Bill shares some final thoughts on Belichick’s career and reads an excerpt from his 2015 Grantland article after Super Bowl XLIX (49:06).

Host: Bill Simmons
Guest: Joe House
Producer: Kyle Crichton

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