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Belichick’s 25 Greatest Patriots Wins, From 25 to 1

Bill Simmons and Kevin Hench talk the highlights of the Pats dynasty

We all — well, most of us — agree with you: The Patriots are an insufferable football machine that must be stopped. But here’s the thing: Can anyone stop them? Five weeks before the season kicks off, New England is favored to win every game it plays in 2017. Sixteen years since their first Super Bowl win and 10 since their 16–0 regular season, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are still the class of the NFL. So, welcome to — ugh, yes — Patriots Week! Ahead of what could be the most dominant New England season yet, read along as we take a look at the good, the bad, and the Jets-y of modern football’s defining dynasty.

Bill Simmons is joined by fellow Boston diehard Kevin Hench to discuss the birth of the Brady-Belichick dynasty, the duo’s best Super Bowl victory, the best team the Pats beat during their run together, the most important pass of Brady’s career, the most improbable comebacks, and the most rewarding moments for Patriots fans since 2001.