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Want Your Song to Blow Up? Just Speed It Up.

Those chipmunk-pitched songs you hear on TikTok are more than just a viral craze. They’re the latest big thing in the music biz. Here’s what their success says about remix culture, artists’ control over their own work, and why we want everything so fast these days.

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The Search for the Lost ‘Jeopardy!’ Tapes Is Over. The Mystery Behind Them Endures.

In 1986, Barbara Lowe Vollick won five games of ‘Jeopardy!’ in a row. Her episodes were then taken out of circulation. What followed was a nearly 40-year hunt for the missing tapes—and a quest to find out what really happened between the show and its most enigmatic champion.

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Magnus Carlsen’s Legacy Is Still Being Written 

The highest-ranked grandmaster of all time has won everything there is to win in professional chess. Now he’s ready to walk away and do something else—sort of.

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Dril Is Everyone. More Specifically, He’s a Guy Named Paul.

Paul Dochney posted his way into the halls of internet lore. After 15 years of anonymity, can he emerge without compromising his act?