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Spotlight: Lamar Jackson


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‘Thru The Ringer’ Premiere With Tate Frazier, Wosny Lambre, Kevin O’Connor, and Nora Princiotti!

In the first episode of ‘Thru The Ringer,’ host Tate Frazier is joined by a number of Ringer guests to talk the NBA MVP, the NBA playoffs, NFL free agency, and more

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The Lamar Jackson Decision With Former NFL GM Scott Pioli

Russillo also shares his thoughts on Kevin Durant’s return to the Suns, their victory over the Timberwolves, and a tightening Western Conference

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NFL Teams Still Don’t Understand Lamar Jackson’s Value

The QB has demanded a trade, yet teams seem to be going out of their way to avoid negotiating with him. Why is that happening? And which teams should be trying to land him?

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The Lamar Sweepstakes With Mallory Rubin

Bill and Mallory break down Lamar Jackson’s relationship with the Ravens, and Kevin Wildes joins to discuss the Patriots and Warriors

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Lamar Jackson Wants a Trade. Does He Have the Power to Get Out of Baltimore?

If you believe Lamar Jackson’s tweets, his time with the Ravens is over. If you listen to John Harbaugh, Jackson will be back in Baltimore. As their stalemate continues, which side actually has leverage?

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The Lamar Jackson FAQ: Making Sense of the Nonexclusive Franchise Tag

The Ravens didn’t place the standard exclusive franchise tag on Lamar Jackson. What is the nonexclusive tag, and what will happen next in the standoff between Baltimore and the former MVP?