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ICYMI: Giannis Is the Cavs’ Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come

Everything you need to know about Tuesday in the NBA

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Everything you need to know about Tuesday in the NBA

Giannis Grown-Manned LeBron

Before Giannis laid that final bucket in (and receded LeBron’s hairline another centimeter), the Cavaliers went on a 19-0 run in the fourth quarter—with LeBron James sitting on the bench.

The Bucks still won, 119-116, in the battle of the future of the Eastern Conference [looks at Giannis] and the past [looks at D-Wade’s knees]. It was Cleveland’s second loss in 20 games.

Do Not Try Throwing a Rock to a 6-Foot-11 Guy Without Looking at Home, Kids

Mike Scott’s 25 Days of Christmas

Mike Scott outscored all Wizards starters except Bradley Beal in Washington’s 116-106 win over the Pelicans. His 24 points off the bench were a season high, but his stat line—11-for-15 from the field—is typical of the shooting show Scott is putting on this month. Since a December 5 win over Portland, the 29-year-old has shot 73.7 overall and 52.4 from deep, providing an average of 14.1 points for Washington’s second unit in that frame. Before this stretch, he was hitting just 36.8 percent from behind the 3-point line, and prior to this season, his career average was even lower than that.

These Toddlers Ain’t Loyal

Frank “LeBron James” Mason III

(Friendly reminder that Mason is 5-foot-11.)

The rook ended up with two blocks, and a near-perfect night in the Kings’ 101-95 victory against Philly: 2-for-2 from behind the perimeter, and 7-for-9 overall. I wrote last week about Sacramento’s strange bench situation, and Tuesday night was no different: Mason’s career-high 16 points were greater than starters De’Aaron Fox’s (two in just 11 minutes), Garrett Temple’s (nine), and Bogdan Bogdanovic’s (four) combined contributions. Buddy Hield went for 24 points off the bench. Z Bo (27 points) was Sac’s only other player to finish in double digits.

Mason’s net rating of 3.0 is tops among Kings players who have played more than six games.

No Curry on Christmas

Golden State announced that Steph’s ankle will be re-evaluated in a week, eliminating any hope of the point guard playing in the Warriors’ Christmas Day Finals rematch against the Cavs.

Anthony Davis Drops 37 Points

LeBron Has Now Made the 24th-Most 3-Pointers in NBA History

Some fun facts about LBJ’s accomplishment:

James Harden has 1,505 career 3s, good for 27th most, and is hitting a career-high 4.2 deep shots this season. (He also leads the NBA in made 3s this season with 123.) EYES EMOJI.

J.R. Smith is 13 spots ahead of Bron.

Even if J.R. failed to make another shot this season and LeBron doubled the rate he was making 3-pointers from now to the end of the season, he wouldn’t pass the Pipe.