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Cheap Heat

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Boutique Hotels, the Tiers of Maj, and Big Beard Problems

The kings of The Ringer discuss the Undertaker’s take on the greatest pro wrestlers of all time and open up the mailbag

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An SGG Intervention, Thanksgiving Spreads, and Sean Ross Sapp on Monday Night’s Mayhem

Rosenberg, SGG, Dip, and Sean also talk about some of the latest WWE news

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The Physically Married SGG! Plus Bianca and Montez Ford

The guys reveal their strong feelings about ‘Full Gear’ before previewing Survivor Series

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The New-New-New Era Begins

Rosenberg, SGG, Dip, and Shoemaker talk about the recent WWE releases, way-too-early WrestleMania matchups, and things they love to complain about

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‘Cheap Heat’ Joins The Ringer

In The Ringer’s newest podcast, Peter Rosenberg and his crew bring you a perspective on pro wrestling that you won’t find anywhere else