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Before ‘The Hunt,’ There Was Ice-T in the Weirdo Classic ‘Surviving the Game’

With an elitely strange cast of Ice, Rutger Hauer, Charles S. Dutton, F. Murray Abraham, John C. McGinley, and Gary Busey and a slew of WTF moments, Ernest Dickerson’s adaptation of "The Most Dangerous Game" is equal parts bizarrely funny and moving

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The Harrison Ford Guide to Phoning It in

Sure, he’s Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Rick Deckard, but in the 21st century, he’s also unmatched in his ability to care as little as humanly possible

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‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘The Shallows’ Are the Best (Seagull-Related) Movies of the Decade

Without doubt, no other movies are as important to modern cinema (if by "modern cinema" you mean "the depiction of seagulls in popular culture")