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Shaker was a member of The Ringer’s fact-checking staff, and also wrote about the NBA, soccer, college football, and college basketball.

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Three Takeaways From the First Day of the NBA 2K Players Tournament

Heavy on blowouts and light on trash talk, Friday’s action didn’t exactly make for compelling television. Still, it was something. And, per usual, Pat Bev did his best to give us a show.

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The Best TV Character of the Century Bracket: Down Go the Lannisters

Two NBC alums, Dwight Schrute and Ron Swanson, took down the ‘Game of Thrones’ siblings—but Arya Stark still stands among an Elite Eight of towering icons

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A Penguin Called Zion

Everything is terrible right now, except for this adorable-ass baby penguin

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Zion-LeBron Round 1 Lived Up to the Titanic Hype

The Pelicans rookie showed why he was one of the most highly touted prospects since James in Tuesday’s showdown

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What College Basketball’s Talent Drain Might Mean for March Madness

In a season already devoid of star power, injuries and defections have further weakened the talent pool, flattening the crop of contenders for the NCAA tournament championship

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It Took One Game for Joel Embiid to Win Back the Philly Crowd

The "good asshole" literally turned jeers into cheers as the Sixers handled the Clippers at home

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Saying Goodbye to ‘The Good Place’

Everything you need to know as the NBC comedy ends its four-season run

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The Grizzlies Are Real, and They’re Spectacular

Don’t look now, but Ja Morant and the Run ’n’ Gun Griz have become the best show in the NBA. A statement win Tuesday over the Rockets extended Memphis’s win streak to six, and solidified the young upstart as a legit playoff contender.

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LSU Is the National Champion and Joe Burrow Has Achieved College Football Immortality

The Tigers quarterback won the Heisman Trophy, set the single-season record in touchdown passes, and finished his career with a 15-0 record and a national championship

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Ben Simmons Shows How Special He Is—Just Not in the Way the Sixers Need Him to Be

Simmons’s all-around performance helped beat the Thunder and end Philly’s losing streak, but even 76ers coach Brett Brown is frustrated (again) with the point guard’s reluctance to shoot the long ball