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The New ‘Dunkirk’ Trailer Is Bad News for Harry Styles, Good News for People Who Like Giant Christopher Nolan Movies

Batman’s got nothing on 400,000 WWII soldiers

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The Best, the Most, and the Worst on ‘Billions’ Season 2

From Paul Giamatti wrestling to Damian Lewis eating pizza, we’re breaking down the highs and lows in a show full of them

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Frank Underwood Is a Dictator in the Season 5 Trailer for ‘House of Cards’

The upcoming season features blood, sex, and an unhinged Doug Stamper, and, you know what? These are all good things.

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Is a David Fincher Zombie Sequel … a Good Thing?

The ‘Gone Girl’ director knows how to use Hollywood’s IP fever to his advantage

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Marvel Keeps Hiring Your Favorite Directors

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck of ‘Mississippi Grind’ and ‘Half Nelson’ are onboard for ‘Captain Marvel.’ Will Marvel let them get weird?

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How to Have the Adam Sandler Vacation of Your Dreams

A definitive travel guide, culled from a decade’s worth of bad but well-located movies

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Update: Han Solo’s Name Is Actually Han Solo

Unless it’s not

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In ‘Detroit,’ Kathryn Bigelow Brings Her Camera Home

To late-’60s America, specifically, and it looks heavy

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How Tom Hiddleston Lost the James Bond Franchise in Three Easy Steps

Maybe he should’ve done more pull-ups, or dated someone slightly less famous

An Exhaustive Photo Breakdown of the Jennifer Lopez–Alex Rodriguez Courtship

Whether you call them J-Rod or A.Lo, it’s become impossible to ignore how aggressively out here this new celebrity couple is. Let’s dive in.