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‘Moneyball’ Doesn’t Need to Be Accurate to Be a Classic

It’s our latest entry into the Sports Movie Hall of Fame

How Does ‘Jerry Maguire’ Hold Up in 2016?

Bill Simmons and Chris Ryan induct the 1996 classic into the Sports Movie Hall of Fame

‘The Masked Man Show’ on WWE’s ‘Survivor Series’

Relive our crew’s live reactions and analyses during the event

How Kevin Owens Controls the Crowd

It’s not about cheers or boos — it’s about noise

Does the NES Classic Hold Up in 2016?

The OG system is back with 30 games, but is it as fun as we remember?

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Is José Mourinho Too Lonely to Win a Championship?

Plus six more burning Premier League questions

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How to Make the New ‘Gilmore Girls’ Great

The WWE Draft Board

David Shoemaker, Bill Simmons, and friends reveal their top 10 WWE draft picks

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